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Lab Manager v7


 Product Description

Lab Manager™ is a complete, yet simple to use, billing and scheduling package. Think of it as one piece in a suite of products working together to make running your lab a breeze. We have additional plug-in modules for larger labs with more features such as advanced scheduling and work tickets, technician production and time clock, bar code and touch monitor technologies, and much more. 

Modify existing invoices, statements, work tickets, reports, and labels. Insert or delete fields, change the font (type, size, and colors), or paper size, as well as, add photos and logos. You have the control to place many of the fields anywhere on any form. Be sure to look at our off-the-shelf stock forms. They can save you up to 50% off catalog prices.

After your free thirty days of support has ended, you will need to purchase a support contract for any further assistance.

Contract pricing is available on our Support page.


Lab Manager v7 Billing Module

Case Entry, Invoices, Statements and Financial Reports.
Includes invoices, statements, and a variety of reports on your accounts receivable. Know what your doctors owe and what they have paid.
View ANY case, past and present, in seconds.

Case Entry
Unlimited Cases per Month
Unlimited Price Lists
Unlimited Number of Products
Unlimited Number of Materials
Finished Products Excise Tax
Track Shades & Tooth #’s
Automatic Tax Calculations
Automatic Discounting
Note Fields & Attachable Docs

Quality Control Tickets
External Quality Control (QC)
Internal Quality Control (QC)
Department Sensitive (QC)

Password Protection

Invoices & Statements
Pre-Defined Invoice
Pre-Defined Statement
Unlimited Customizable Invoice and Statement Forms
Reprint Invoices and Statements Anytime
EOM & Mid-Month Statements

Customizable Report
Aged Trial Balance
Cash Receipts Journal
Credit Limit
Current Sales
Account Ledger
Fee Schedules
Monthly Tax Summary
Quarterly & Yearly Tax Summary
YTD Reports
Account Screen
Balances & Acct. History
Billing & Shipping Addresses
Retires Accounts
Fax Numbers
E-Mail Addresses
UPS Shipping Zones
Supports Multiple Doctors and Group Practices

Store Scanned Images
Account Photos
Employee & Salesperson Photos
Include Photo with Case
Material & Product Photos
Your Scanned Company Logo

Marketing with Call Tracking


Lab Manager v7 Production Module (Requires Lab Manager™ v7 Billing Module)

Get additional case management with a simple work ticket, a vast array of production features and financial reports. This module adds another layer of management information through work tickets, reports on lab status, basic inventory, department production, remakes, and sales information. Typically used by owners who keep a close watch on sales, and production.

Work Tickets (Production Steps Not Included)
Multiple WorkTicket Headings
Color Coded Work Ticket Headings
Customizable Work Tickets

Customizable Reports
Group Practice Sales
Lab Status
Outsource Tracking
Department Production
Production by Account
Material Inventory
Material Re-Ordering
Reports (con't)

Material Usage
MTD Account Analysis
YTD Account Analysis
Pick-up and Delivery
Projected Sales
Sales by Clinic Doctor
Salesperson Commission
Ship-By List
Value of Work in Lab
Cases at a Glance
Case Tracking
Remake Reports by Account or Department

Most Customized Reports Can Print:
Between 2 Dates, Given Date, MTD, or YTD

Other Criteria Can Be By:
Account, Ship by Date, Dr Date, Finish Date, Invoice Date, or Received Date.


Lab Manager™ v7 Scheduling Module (Requires Lab Manager™ v7 Billing & Production Modules)

Includes scheduling based on the case requirements and availability of resources in your lab. A detailed work ticket allows a technician to sign off on their work. This is particularly useful if your lab pays technicians based on production, and this also assists in the preparation of employee evaluations. Clearly identify re-make patterns and costs! Let technicians update the status of cases right from the lab floor using touch monitor hardware. Reduce the front office workload and increase timeliness of information.

Work Tickets
with Production Steps

Forward Scheduling
Reverse Scheduling

Manual Scheduling
Edit or Un-Schedule Cases
Schedule from Future Date
Schedule Variable Work Load
Schedule by Production Step
Schedule Multiple Products/Case
Workday Calendar
Customizable Reports
Cases Due By Department
Cases Due By Account
Cases Due By Production Step
Cases Due Between Two Dates

Time Card Data Collection
Employee Time Clock

Technician Production
Dollar Value of Work Produced
Number of Units Produced
Technicians “Sign-off” Their Work
Timely & Continuous Data Reporting with Touch Monitors
Update of Technician Productivity
Update Shipping & Delivery Status
Works with Single & Multiple Computers


Lab Manager™ v7 QuickBooks Interface

Easily Transfers Data Totals to QuickBooks This new interface transfers your Lab Manager v7 data totals into QuickBooks® to get Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, and Payroll reports.

You can download a fully functioning demo of Lab Manager by adding it to your cart and checking out.

Lab Manager™ v7 Minimum System Requirements

  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP
  • 1 GHz or faster processor 32 or 64 bit processor
  • 1GB RAM or more (Memory)
  • At Least 500 MB Free Hard Drive Space
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • Minimum Resolution 1024 x 920
  • USB Flash Drive (Strongly Recommended For Backups)
  • Laser or Inkjet Printer(Windows compatible)
  • High Speed Internet Access (Optional)

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