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Lab Manager™, the #1 easy to use dental laboratory software.

Designed exclusively for the dental laboratory industry since 1983.
Thousands of labs are using Lab Manager™ every day.
Sold in modules. Purchase only what YOU need.

We are your one stop shop for dental
laboratory software, support, training, and forms.



Lab Manager™ is a complete, yet simple to use, billing and scheduling package. Think of it as one piece in a suite of products working together to make running your lab a breeze. We have additional plug-in modules for larger labs with more features such as advanced scheduling and work tickets, technician production and time clock, and touch monitor technologies, and much more. Whether you have only a few accounts or thousands, today's business moves at incredible speed. To stay competitive, you need to operate at maximum efficiency. Lab Manager™ will save you time by handling repetitive tasks quickly, reducing billing errors, and automating the statementing process.

  • Billing: Case Entry, Invoices, Statements, Multi-user, Financial Reports and Marketing.
  • Production: Case Tracking and Management, Inventory Control and a Vast Array of Production and Financial Reports.
  • Scheduling: Schedule Cases Automatically. Easily Monitor Accounts, Departments and Technician Production. Now you can identify which technician produces the most work and which accounts cost you the most remakes!

Forms & Envelopes

Along with software, we stock a variety of forms for work tickets, invoicing and statements. Some of our best selling stock forms are: invoice and label combinations, invoices with a quality control slip, and a two copy invoice on a single form. All of our forms have corresponding double windowed envelopes available.

Phone Support

Our support department is located in Phoenix, Arizona at the office of Laboratory Systems Group, Inc. When you call us, we guarantee you will be assisted by a highly trained, english-speaking technician. Our support department is staffed Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM Arizona time. Our reasonably priced support plans enable you to handle almost any situation that may arise.


Training is offered over the phone. Labs that have an internet connection can take advantage of connecting to a technician, and they can be guided through the software verbally while seeing what the technician is doing. Ask us about Virtual Lab Training. Custom tailored training to fit your needs.

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